About Lucy

Lucy’s Kitchen is part of Cityden Up, a one of a kind hotel-apartment solution that offers smart and attractive places where work and life are in perfect balance. The idea behind Cityden Up fully reflects the vision of Lucy’s: offering a complete experience, from dining to having drinks at our bar or rooftop terrace.

Our restaurant is suited for every type of visitor. Whether you are staying at Cityden Up and you need to grab a quick bite or need us to pack your take-away lunch – we got you.

Searching for a place where you can stay all night without ever getting bored? Lucy got it all. You don’t have to stay at Cityden Up to be able to enjoy the services our guests are highly positive about.

Dining at Lucy starts with a menu that has something for everyone. Salads, freshly caught fish, quality meat and multiple vegetarian dishes. Since our menu is small but varied, we are able to fully focus on the select dishes we choose to offer. Every season we change our menu to incorporate the taste that we believe creates the best dishes.

You can join us for breakfast from 7 AM to 10 AM, lunch, and dinner until 9 PM on weekdays and 10 PM in the weekend.

While our restaurant may be closing after 9, our bar won’t. The best cocktails, wines and beers from all over the world can be found at Lucy’s Kitchen Bar.

During the summertime you can choose to enjoy your drinks on our rooftop terrace, complete with stunning views of the city.

To reserve, please call:

020 308 0600

Professor J.H. Bavincklaan 3, 1183 AT Amstelveen

020 308 0600